Yesterday I told you about the six different versions of Windows 7 and how that can result in your version of Windows 7 looking and acting a little differently the someone else’s version of Windows 7. What about Windows 8?

For Windows 8 there are four versions.


Let’s start off with Windows RT, a scaled-down version of Windows intended for tablets. It could not run Windows desktop programs and ultimately proved unsuccessful, though many who used it liked it well enough. Microsoft decided to go with a full version of Windows for tablets in later models.

Windows 8 is the version aimed at home users.  Windows 8 Pro was marketed for business and home users that wanted more features.

Windows 8 Enterprise was aimed at business consumers and designed to be part of a network in a professional environment.

Of course when you add in the upgrades to 8.1 , and the later upgrades nicknamed Windows 8.1.1 – you’re looking at 12 different possible operating systems running on Windows devices.

So, how many versions of Windows 10 will there be? We don’t know yet, but Microsoft is pushing towards a One Windows concept that means the operating system gives the same experience across multiple devices.

~ Cynthia