When your children are all grown up, it is hard to remember what they were like as babies. Imagine capturing the grin you always adored, the surprise smile that followed the yawn, the straight hair that is now curly, that dimpled smile when she was asleep and those rosy lips with a pout. Those are the things you would remember of my newborn. Now, here are a few ways to photographing newborn babies, the candid way.


Keep it natural. Keep it real

When photographing babies, show them as they are, naturally. Capture their personality, likes and dislikes as a newborn. Remember you are not going to create an illusion of the baby, instead you are going to show her real self as she is. So relax. It doesn’t matter if she is fussy, take some pictures of her crying. If it’s her time to have milk, show how easy she is while having milk. If it’s time to change her diaper, show how happy she is when changed into a fresh one. If it’s her nap time, show how she pouts while sleeping or see if you can grab a shot of her smiling in sleep. These are memories that will be cherished every time you see the album and remind you of the little things she did as a baby.


Show some love

It is amazing to see how the family bonds and connects instantly with the new baby in the house. Capture the happiness she brought into their lives. Show the brother’s possessiveness when something makes her cry. Capture her sister’s look of adoration of her little angel sister. Show how the baby is so comfortable in her mother’s loving arms and how protective she feels in her father’s big hands. Remember the baby is too young to be held by small children. In such cases, you can let the siblings sit near the baby, make them lightly kiss her on the forehead or caress her cheek.


Capture her world

Find out where the baby spends most of her time, what are her favorite toys or places in the house and her daily routine. Capture the newborn in her carefully decorated crib or nursery. Take some shots of her in places where she instantly falls asleep, it could be her daddy’s rocking chair or mommy’s comforting arm. Photograph her precious crib, stacks of diapers, rubber ducks, bathing tub, tiny shoes, bottles, hair accessories, pacifiers and so on, which will take you to her world every time you see the photo album.

Focus on little details

You don’t have to look out for inspiration, baby faces itself are so fascinating that if you look closer, you will know what to focus on. Find the little details about the child that you love; it could be her little feet, toothless grin, tiny hands or long eyelashes. It’d be nice to take pictures of the baby holding hands with her parents or take a few shots of their tiny hands and feet with their parents, which will help them to remember how small their children were. You don’t have to wait for a perfect expression. Capture the imperfections, including their big yawns, wrinkly foreheads, hungry mouths, tender rashes and peeling skin. 


Shoot wide open

If you use a wide aperture, say at f/2, you will be surprised to see the details it can capture. It will highlight your point of focus and give a magical effect to the photo. You can use an aperture this wide when you want to capture moments like bathing or giving a massage to the baby, swaddling her, putting her sock on or any other activity you want to focus on. Remember that when you are shooting with depth of field this shallow, your focus is at the right point. Ensure you don’t move after you lock your focus. A slight movement by the baby and the photo will be out of focus.

 Follow these suggestions and try to capture some beautiful moments with newborns naturally. You will not even realize when these natural-looking baby pictures will become your favourites.

 ~ Zahid H Javali / Pics: Pixabay