Welcome to swipemy.pics! This site allows you to change the way that you browse Instagram. 

I suggest checking out the About link at the bottom of  the page to start with; it’s a pop up window that tells you how the site work and hosts their  disclaimers. To close out of it click the X in the top right corner of the pop up. 

You can log into your Instagram account or you can browse any public handle. I use my Instagram to post pictures of yarn and my knitting, so I’ve left it public. If you want to try out the public handle, feel free to check out my feed by typing in rawrpounce. Other public accounts you could try are google, geekandsundry, or gouletpens.

It will whisk you away to my photos! You can use the right and left arrows on the side of the screen to scroll back and forth through the images. 

Signing in with Instagram allows you to view your feed.  I used to use Pictacular, but it’s been acting weird for the last month or two, so I’ve been trying out this instead.  I am totally loving browsing my feed this way! 

If you use Instagram this is a must try site! Go see for yourself today!