Hackers Crash Cable & Satellite Services

Hackers from the group Lizard Squad say they’re behind massive programming interruptions that affected users of cable and satellite services.  The attack happened during the pay-per-view broadcast of the Mayweather/ Pacquiao fight last Saturday and not only hit customers attempting to purchase the fight but also knocked out  other cable and satellite channels all around the country. 

They did it by attacking a technical platform used by most cable and satellite operators to authorize channels to subscribers.  Companies will have to issue millions of dollars in refunds to unhappy customers.

Lizard Squad gleefully posted on their Twitter feed “Looks like we hit the cable companies harder than we thought. LOL. Oops.


The group has previously gloated over taking Xbox offline.


Drones Encourage You To Exercise

Need some encouragement to jog?  Consider taking your run with a drone hovering nearby.  Researchers in Australia did a study where they sent a small drone out with joggers and found that runners did better with a flying robot companion.

The quadcopter was nicknamed Jogobot.


Participants enjoyed running with their robot friend, saying it helped them keep motivated. The possibilities of a fitness drone are just about endless, especially if you managed to have one interact with a fitness app on your smartphone. These scientists hope to spark new research into how robots can help motivate people to keep fit.

As a long time sci-fi fan I know it’s only a matter of time until they turn on us.  Humans, bow down to your robot fitness coach.

Now Anyone Can Direct Message You On Twitter

Twitter is beginning to sound more and more like Facebook every day. The popular social media service will now allow anyone to send you a direct message. Previously, only people you followed would be able to send you a private message.

According to Twitter, “Communicating with people you may or may not know in real life just got easier.”  If you’d prefer not to make it easier for people you may or may not know to contact you,  go to the privacy settings in your account and make sure that the box next to Receive Direct Messages from anyone is not checked.


Volkswagen Camper Could Make Electric Comeback

As a child of the 1970s, this bit of news makes me smile. Volkwagen is working to bring back the camper van, only this time as an electric vehicle. That seems appropriate for the van long-associated with earth-loving hippies.

Hopefully, they’ll stick to the true camper concept of a tiny kitchen, seats that turn into beds and detachable awnings that extend the living space.

~ Cynthia