Eileen is having some issues with her passwords in 8.1, she writes:  “Am working with Microsoft 8.1 and they seem to want a lot of passwords, so now I am locked out.  I could call an 800 number but that makes it sound like you have to pay because they would reimburse me if I am not satisfied with the help. “

The thing is, Eileen, 8.1 doesn’t require any more passwords than any other version of Windows. You will need the password you set up for your Windows account to log on to the computer. But any other passwords aren’t really related to Windows 8.1  If you didn’t pick your password and someone else set up your computer, check with them to see if they remember what it is.

 If you took the option when you set up the password for your computer to sign in with an existing Microsoft account (that would be an Outlook.com, Hotmail,  LiveMail or MSN e-mail address.)  When you log onto your computer if you see an e-mail address above where you need to put in your password. 



To reset that password, just click this link to go to Microsoft’s online form.   There you can explain that you forgot your password.


Once you go through the forms, they will text a code to you or e-mail it to you at another address. If you can’t get into your computer, you may have to access it on a friend’s computer or at the library.


If there’s no e-mail address and you have a local account, it’s more difficult. There are ways to handle it yourself, but it involves getting into advanced options on your computer. My suggestion to you would be to take your computer to reputable local computer shop and let the staff there help you out. It won’t be free, but it’s a much better option that calling the 1-800 number.

~ Cynthia