To hear Microsoft tell it, “Your Windows 10 PC will love all the devices you own.” Whether or not the new OS will love your Android phone is debatable, but it should be able to work in conjunction with your Android or iPhone thanks to the new Phone Companion app that comes with Windows 10.

You should be able to connect your Windows 10 PC to your phone whether it’s running Windows, Android or iPhone.


When you set up your OneDrive with your phone or tablet, every photo you take on your phone will turn up in the Photo Apps on your Windows PC, plus you’ll be able to store and access music from your OneDrive with your phone or tablet and play it anywhere for free.  That means playlists will be available across multiple devices.

And you can work on Office documents from any of your devices. The Office function is already available with Windows 7 & 8 PCs, as long as you’re using OneDive.

Android and iPhone users will also be able to use Cortana, the digital assistant in Windows 10.


Cortana does everything from voice searches to setting reminders to tracking your flights. Any reminders you set up on one device will show up across all of your devices. There will be some limitations on Cortana for non-Windows devices. You won’t be able to adjust settings or use voice commands to open apps.

The Phone Companion app will be released for Windows 10 Technical Preview in the next few weeks and the companion app will be available for Android and iPhone later in the summer.

~ Cynthia