Clive has an issue with his search in Windows 7.  He writes:  “I’m running Windows 7 with Microsoft Office 2010. When I click the Start search button and type in the search for programs and files window, all I get is a message saying, “No items match your search,” so I have to look for them manually. How can I restore the search facility?”

I can’t be positive what’s causing your issues, but here are a couple of things you could try.  Open your Start Menu then right-click on a blank spot and choose Properties.


When the Taskbar and Start Menu window opens, click Customize.


Scroll down to “search other files and libraries” and make sure “search public folders” and “search programs & control panel” are checked. Then choose okay.


If that doesn’t help, another  thing you can try is to rebuild the index file. It’s not difficult, but it could take a long time. Open Control Panel from your Start Menu.


Then choose System & Security or System & Maintenance.


Type Index into the search box in the upper-right and click on the result.


Click Advanced.


Then select rebuild.


This can take some time.

Another possibility is that your user account and settings have become corrupted. You may wish to test this out first before you do the other steps, because they aren’t going to help if the account is corrupted.

Go back to the Control Panel and select Add or Remove User Accounts under Accounts.


Then click “create new account” and follow the instructions.


Try logging in under that account to see if search functions properly.  If you, you’ll probably want to switch to that account.

I hope one of these ideas helps.

~ Cynthia