Facebook will now allow users to post animated GIFs.  An animated GIF is a graphic image capable of movement like the one below.

Now to post a GIF, you’ll need have uploaded it somewhere that you can provide a link to.   You could use a site like Giphy to find fun GIFs or to  upload your own.

Here’s how to share a GIF on Facebook. First, find an animated GIF you’d like to share. Below is a selection of Birthday-themed GIFs from Giphy.


Find a GIF you want to share. Say you like this birthday cake.


Right click on it and choose Copy Link Location.


Now, head on over to your Facebook. Click in the field to post a status and then either hit Ctrl V to paste or right-click and choose paste. The link will appear in the window and the image should then be visible beneath it.


You can then highlight the link and hit delete.


Then add your own text and hit Post.


P.S.  Here’s a GIF of my cat. It’s just kind of Purrrr-fect.


~ Cynthia