Windows 10 isn’t even available for download yet, but one reader is already nervous about her reservation.  Bev writes, “I’m somewhat leery about switching, so I tried to cancel. I right-clicked on the Windows 10 app, selected “check your upgrade status”, but when it took me to the window, nowhere on the page did it say “cancel your reservation.”

First Bev, let me try to talk you down off the ledge here. There’s really no reason to be leery about Windows 10. I’ve been running the technical preview and it should seem very familiar to both users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

But if you really need to cancel, here’s how it’s done. Right click that little Windows symbol in the bottom right of your screen.


Choose Check your upgrade status.


A Window will open saying your upgrade is reserved. Click the little menu bar in the upper-left of the Window.


Then choose View Confirmation


A window will open saying that your upgrade is reserved. In the lower-right, you’ll see the option to click on “cancel upgrade.”


~ Cynthia