In the new iOS 9 operating system for iPhones & iPads, Apple is aiming to make search smarter and what it calls “more personalized.” In the buzz words used for tech, “more personalized” almost always means that your device is going to track your behavior and then make suggestions or give search results based on where you go, what you choose to read online and who you communicate with.

Siri, Apple’s personal digital assistant, is the tech behind the search functions and “she’s” out to anticipate your every need, just like any good personal assistant.

iOS 9 will feature a new search screen that’s already populated with things you’ve show interest in previously.


Under Siri suggestions, you’ll see people that you often contact.


Also featured are suggested apps based on your daily routines. If you typically read news in the afternoon, the news app will show up in the afternoon. If you generally check your Facebook feed first thing in the morning, it will display in the morning.


iOS 9 will use your location to show you a selection of nearby activities such as restaurants and shopping.


If you plug in headphones, she’ll suggest you might want to finish what you were listening to the last time you had headphones plugged in or suggest a playlist of your favorite music.


When you create an e-mail message or put in a calendar invitation, Siri will suggest you include people who are often invited to your events and also give a list of subject lines or event names that you’ve used in the past.


When you receive an e-mail about an event or appointment, Siri will suggest that you create a calendar event. When it’s time to leave for that appointment, not only will you get a reminder but also things like traffic directions.


We’ve talked before about e-mail as a dumb-pipe where you just receive messages in the order they were sent or a smart-pipe where your device attempts to make decisions and take actions based on the e-mails before you ever see them. This is certainly a smart-pipe.

Of course, the trade-off is that you phone is keeping track of about everything you do. But good personal assistants are frequently all up in your business anyway, plus the time-saving benefits of a digital assistant outweigh the privacy issues for a whole lot of people.

~ Cynthia