A lot of you have a whole lot of questions about the upcoming free upgrade to Windows 10. Our reader George sure does:

First: How much difference will there be between 10 and 8.1. I am just getting used to 8.1. Will I have as much trouble with 10?

Second: Will you put out an instructional version for 10?

Third: How long will 8.1 be serviced with updates and etc?

As you can tell, I hate change and think they are just doing this to upset me. Is there a program that will back up my computer operating system and programs (clone the whole hard drive?”)


Well George, you may have figured out by now that the only constant in life, (especially in technology) is change. I’m all for embracing it, otherwise you’re going to be pretty upset all the time.

I can’t guess how much trouble you’ll have will Windows 10, but if you go in expecting to have problems, it’s likely you’ll find them. I can say that for those who prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8, you’ll find the desktop interface similar to 7. (The start menu is back!) But it also keeps a lot of my favorite features of 8.  The great downfall of 8 was that it could be tricky to use with a mouse. People who have touch screens usually love Windows 8. That’s not a problem with Windows 10. It is very mouse and desktop-friendly.


As for your second question: George we are hard at work on a guide to Windows 10 right now. We’ve been running the technical preview for a few months and learning all we can to share with you.

As for your third question, Microsoft guarantees security support for its operating systems for 10 years after they are released to the general public. (XP got almost a 4-year extension.)  Windows 8.1 will be supported until 2022 and this version of Windows 10 should be supported until 2025. But I don’t think you’ll see big changes to operating systems like we have in the past. Microsoft is likely to move to model similar to Apple where home users get frequent, free updates to their operating systems instead of buying whole new systems every few years.

As for software to clone your hard drive, click here to read an article that can help you out.

~ Cynthia