When it comes to technology people can get attached to brands and operating systems like some folks do to sports teams.

Take this question from a reader: “My wife and I bought two iPhones and an iPad from our phone provider as part of a special deal. We were just getting the hang of them and liked them. Now my daughter says we should take them back and get Android phones because they are much better and let you add additional storage. Is she right?”


No! She’s not right. And not because I’m weighing in on the superiority of iPhones to Androids. I have an Android phone and an Android-based Kindle tablet and I love them. But if you like your Apple devices, there’s no reason to take them back.

Yes, some Android devices offer expandable storage. If that’s important to you, maybe you should buy Android. But more than likely you have plenty of space on your Apple devices. Bottom line: Apple and Android operating systems both work fine for most people’s needs.

If you’re happy with your device, there’s no need to switch. Would you trade in your new Chevy because someone said, “Hey you should drive a Ford!”

Use what you like.

~ Cynthia