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After our article about saving a download versus opening it, Terri wanted to know how to reset the default options. When using Firefox and downloading a file, you’re asked what you want to do, and then there is a check box to “Do this automatically for files like this from now on”. This will do whatever you marked for that file type, such as PDF or DOC, each time you download.


So, if you’ve checked that box, either purposefully or accidentally, that box will no longer pop up and you’re “stuck” with that setting. However, you can reset those settings. First, go to the Firefox menu, then choose Options.


On the left of the screen, click on Applications.


You’ll see all the file types you’ve downloaded in the past on the browser. For this example, scroll down to Portable Document Format (PDF) and click on the right column. You’ll see an arrow, and when you click the arrow, you’ll see choices.

Simply set the file type back to what you’d like to see when downloading. For example, if you want the box to pop up every time, asking if you want to save or open, choose Always Ask. If you’d rather bypass this box, and want it to save automatically, then choose Save file.

You can do this for any file type you’ve downloaded in the past, and in the same drop down box, you can even set the default program you’d like to use to open the files.

~ Audra

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