Windows 10 – When Will You Get It?

Not everyone will be getting their free upgrade to Windows 10 on July 29. Microsoft has announced that the update will be released in waves over the course of a few weeks. It makes sense, downloading updates to 1 billion devices at one time could take out anyone’s servers.

Microsoft is shipping the final version of Windows 10 to computer manufacturers now and will also be distributing it to retail partners. Starting on July 29, full upgrades of Windows 10 will gradually roll out. The 5 million people participating in the Windows Insider program will be first on the list to receive the upgrades and other uses will follow after that.


Why the gradual roll out? Well, aside from the fact with downloading 1 billion large updates is a heck of a strain on the Internet, the company is waiting for feedback from users about how Windows 10 performs with particular combinations of hardware, devices and versions of Windows.

Unlike Apple, where their OS is only running on a few types of devices, there are thousands of different configurations of computers running Windows and probably a total of 20 different version of the Windows operating system eligible for the free upgrade.

According to the Windows 10 blog, the company will take feedback from users of various systems every day and make prompt changes to ensure Windows 10 works with your system. Once they feel confident that the bugs have been worked out with your particular setup, they’ll notify you. You know that reservation you made where Microsoft checked your system for compatibility? They’ll use that info about your system to decide when to release your upgrade.


Don’t expect to see big updates like service packs or Windows 8.1 for Windows 10. Microsoft plans of making gradual continual updates to add features and work out bugs.

So even if you don’t get your update on July 29, it’s still coming.

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  1. I’ve been using Win 7 pro 64 bit for several years and i know extended support is good till 2020 (unless they changed it again) i tried the early beta of win 8 Hated it am i the only one NOT upgrading to win 10? I’ve been looking at other operating systems and maybe moving away from microsoft all together ( Been getting tired of the little “oops” that microsoft has to fix all the time.Just my 2 cents worth. Love your newsletter.

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