Can I Update A Tablet To Windows 10?

Marianne wants to know if the free Windows 10 upgrade applies to any Windows tablets she might purchase.”Hi, I would like to know when we update to Windows 10, will we be able to update any devices that we might buy after this update? Will there be a key code or what? Thanks for answer my question. I am planning on buying a tablet.”

Marianne, any Windows 8 or 8.1 that you purchase should be eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 10.  Windows PCs, tablets and Windows Phones will be eligible for an upgrade.

If you check out any Windows device in the Microsoft store, you’ll notice a note that you can buy now and upgrade to Windows 10 for free when it’s available.


Tabelets running Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.1 1 will all be eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. In addition, phones running Windows Phone 8.1 will also receive a free upgrade to Windows 10.

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Owners of one type of Windows tablet will be out of luck. Tablets running Windows RT will not be eligible for an upgrade.


Microsoft hoped that the RT tablets, which cost a little bit less that full Windows tablets, would prove to be a hit. However most people preferred to just pay for full-blown Windows and Microsoft stopped producing new RT models in favor of the full version of Windows on tablets.  RT tablets will get an update in the fall, but they won’t be updated to Windows 10.

This update may include some of the features of Windows 10, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

As long as you aren’t purchasing an RT tablet (and those would be hard to find), you should be all set for a free upgrade. Microsoft should be able to recognize your device as a licensed version of Windows and allow you to upgrade automatically.

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    1. Howard, I’m not sure what you mean. If you just don’t want Windows 10, don’t get it. For security, you have the same options that you do for any PC.

  1. What @Howard Adams seems to be asking is hhow to prevent an automatic upgrade through Windows Updates. Two or more recent MS Updates have put a pop-up ad into Windows which suggests that we can reserve an automatic download of Widnows 10 as it is rolled out.

    In fact, this is opt-in only, and there are ways to dismiss or even remove the Windows 10 upgrade nag ads and thepop-up message ad. There are plenty of Hot-To articles on this subject online.

    in short, no one is being forced to upgrade to Windows 10 any time soon. And the upgrade will not occur by stealth through Windows Updates. Without the upgrade, Windows Updates will continue to work as usual on Windows 7, Windows 8 and the various Windows 8.1 current editions.

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