Can I Turn Off My PC While Upgrading To Windows 10?

Sameer has a question about his Windows 10 upgrade. “While Windows 10 is upgrading in the background, depending on net speed and how long it takes, when I finish with my work on the computer can I switch it off? Will this effect the download? The next time I switch it on, will it resume from the point it stopped downloading?”


Sameer, if you know that the PC is in the process of downloading, I’d just go ahead and leave it on and get the job done. I had some issues with installation that I suspect might be tied to shutting down the PC while the updates were downloading.  By the way, with Windows 10, this is the installation of a whole new operating system and not just big update like Windows 8.1. Don’t start your upgrade unless you have time to let it finish and don’t need your computer right then. I’d block out at least an hour and a half to be safe.

While upgrading to Windows 10 is not a complicated process, it will take some time and requires your PC’s full attention.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Not 100% correct on this one. Any time you are downloading you have to leave your computer running to get the complete download. If you do not, you run the risk of only getting a partial download, or a download with errors.

  2. I downloaded windows 10 july 29 had no probles fter it downloaded it was a little slow then next day or so was just fine reminds me of windows 7 has the look and feel of 7,but improved

  3. I have hesitated downloading 10. I like 7 home and wondered if I download 19 and do not like it would a systen restore get fid of it? I do have the Windows 7 disk. I had preordered it.

    1. It’s super simple to go back to 7. You type Go back to Windows 7 in the search box and click on the result. You have to do it within the first month of installing. You can return to 10 later, if you like

      1. My laptop was upgraded before some mins and i dont want windiws 10 anymore…i typed go back to windows 7 but nothing happened…help

  4. I’d block out a LOT more than an hour and a half. I’ve talked to several people who say it’s taken several hours. When I upgraded my own computer, at an hour and a half into the process, I was only at 35% of downloading. I finally went to bed & when I woke up, it had paused to wait for human input (it asked 2 questions)…there was still an hour and 34 minutes of installation after answering the questions before the computer was ready to be used.

  5. please don’t turn off your pc.your entire progress will be lost and you have to start it from the beginning.

  6. I started wonderfully and kept my laptop on for 3 nights only to be shown an error at 96% download after which the whole process started again. After removing some system files and multiple trouble shootings, I was again back to 0% and there seems no end of it.

  7. I started windows 10 up grade 12 hours ago and is still up grading. how long should this take. Can I shut down computer?

  8. I am upgrading to windows 10

    But the screen has gone total blackbut i do hear do hear sounds once in a while
    Any suggestions

  9. HELP! I thought the update was stuck and rebooted, only to be unable to start my pc. To be specific, it loads to a point where I am asked to “Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key”. Am I totally screwed here or is there something I can do?

  10. Mine has been downloading for over 3 hours. Started at 7:30, it is now 10:50 and at 96%. The lady 10% seems to be taking forever…

  11. I turned my laptop off by mistake while it was *installing* windows 10. Had been on for 8 hours. I think it did download it.

    Got a window after about 90 minutes asking me about privacy. Blackscreen after that. When I switched it on it did have a start screen.

    Cant input anything. Have left it on for an additional 16 hours.

  12. when I was updating my PC to windows 10 because of some reason it got directly switched-off. when I restarted my PC the (getWindows10-web_default_attr) was not responding when i opened the tool for downloading.what should i do now??suggest me!!

  13. If any one is using Xplornet my advise is to not even try to download windows 10.
    I started to download on the 17th at 4 pm or 25 hours ago and it is only 19% complete. The signal has dropped off five times already but it seems to continue to download when I hit retry. I contacted xplornet and they said other customers are reporting 3 or more days to complete. I am hoping it will complete before the end of the month!!!!!!!

  14. I turned off the power to the computer by holding down the power button when the upgrade was at 10%. Then a screen came on that said “Restoring previous version of Windows.” And that’s what happened. Everything seems to be as it was before the install started.

    So, Windows 10 just started installing without her permission. I think it’s because her ‘updates’ setting was ‘Install Updates Automatically.’ Anyway, we didn’t want to install Windows 10 yet in case it interfered with programs that she needed to complete her doctoral thesis. So when it started automatically, I tried to find out if I could just shut it down. I did, and it seems to have worked out all right. So far, anyway.

  15. Sat with my laptop on for 12 hours and it was still 60%. Turned off the system to find its getting stated from 0% again. Happy with my Windows 7:)

  16. I’m needing help I switched off my laptop while windows 10 was being installed I switched it back on and it keeps saying ” the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected installation cannot install windows click OK to restart the computer, and then restart the installation ” and I did a thousand times and it comes up with the same thing and I’ve tried everything pleas help me

  17. My computer is stuck on 92% I left it on all night I closed the lid and opened it up again still on 92% please help…..:(

  18. So there I was making dinner while my sister was using my windows 8.1 laptop and the Windows 10 upgrade comes up, I didn’t want Windows 10 because 1) I knew it would take a while for it to upgrade and I had to use the laptop 2) I hear it was not as good as 8.1 and unworthy of use. Point is I forced the Windows 10 upgrade not even a quarter way towards completion and the next thin I knew my Px stopped working at all. Tried to turn it on again and nothing. Tried to take out the battery plug in the power turn it on put the battery in turn of on. ( method found from net) and nothing. Tried to leave the Pc in all day-nothing. Tried to let it run out of power and charge it again- nothing. So here I am with a useless piece of expensive Px and I can’t even use it. How can I solve it? And how much money will I have to pay? I didn’t create a recovery disk nor agrees to speak with a dell representative just to pay an outrageous amount of cash for nearly nothing done.

    1. Hello, you probably won’t find this website again, but on the chance that you do I have a suggestion that worked for me when I had a similar problem.

      1) Turn off the laptop
      2) Take out the battery and plug in charger (or else it won’t turn on :p)
      3) Turn on while holding Shift + F8
      4) If that doesnt work try turning on while holding F8
      5) Once it turns on you can put the battery back in.

      hope this helps!

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