Sameer has a question about his Windows 10 upgrade. “While Windows 10 is upgrading in the background, depending on net speed and how long it takes, when I finish with my work on the computer can I switch it off? Will this effect the download? The next time I switch it on, will it resume from the point it stopped downloading?”


Sameer, if you know that the PC is in the process of downloading, I’d just go ahead and leave it on and get the job done. I had some issues with installation that I suspect might be tied to shutting down the PC while the updates were downloading.  By the way, with Windows 10, this is the installation of a whole new operating system and not just big update like Windows 8.1. Don’t start your upgrade unless you have time to let it finish and don’t need your computer right then. I’d block out at least an hour and a half to be safe.

While upgrading to Windows 10 is not a complicated process, it will take some time and requires your PC’s full attention.

~ Cynthia