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Windows 10 Gets Warm Reception: What Do You Think?

So far, Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is getting a pretty warm reception from Tech writers. Cnet says it “Marks a turnaround moment for Microsoft,” while Yahoo! Tech said that “Microsoft returns to sanity.” and called the OS “coherent.” The Wall Street Journal said, “Windows is actually useful again.” PC Magazine called the release version, “rock solid” and gave a “strong recommendation” for users to upgrade.


I’ve been pretty happy with Windows 10 myself. But what really matters is what do you think? For those of you who have upgraded, what have been your experiences so far? Let us know in the comments.

 President Demands Supercomputer Research

President Obama issued an executive order calling for a new initiative on supercomputer research. He wants to create the first exascale computer system (a system capable of performing 1 million trillion floating point operations a second). Since the hardware doesn’t exist to support such a system, this would require a huge investment in overhauling infrastructure.  But the White House feels it’s important for the U.S. to take the lead in the development of this system.

This initiative will be a joint operation of the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation. There’s no word yet on whether is will be called SkyNet.

LG Brings Back The Flip Phone

As phones keep getting larger and larger, LG is reversing the trend by introducing a new flip phone that will sell for less that $200. If has physical buttons and only sports  a 3 MP camera.  However, it does have a touchscreen interface.


There’s also a fast quad-core Snapdragon processor. This phone make look old-school, but his has up-to-date insides.  For now the LG Gentle is only available in South Korea.

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  1. Tim You did not say it you were upgrading from windows 7 0r 8. I have four PC’s, two with window 7 and two with 8.1. I down loaded windows 10 on all four and had no problems, but I did down load all updates on all four before I down loaded windows 10.

  2. I had windows 10 downloaded and was ready to go. When I started to install it a message came up that said it wouldn’t work on my computer! URG!! It said my partition is not big enough to update.I am not a computer geek and have no idea how to get around this! I have a fairly new computer with a one tb hard drive. I’m disappointed!

  3. I seem to be the “local” system administrator for our neighborhood and was on a roll, having upgraded several machines to W10, and then I got a laptop from my neighbor across the street. The W10 installation was at 45%, doing drivers etc. when the thing flat hung up. I left it for several hours and when I came back it claimed to be attempting to revert to the old OS, W7. After that it was “dead”. The owner of the laptop informs me that she is being issued a NEW laptop, but that does nothing for restoring her unbacked up information on the old one.

  4. I upgraded to 10 and followed the directions correctly, patiently. It’s different, but not as bothersome as upgrading to 8 and 8.1 was a year ago. Now, each time I turn on my less-than-year-old Dell All-in-One, I get a black screen, sometimes I get the Dell Circle and the computer will turn on and eventually go to a start up screen, but most times, it just stays black. Very disconcerting. Any suggestions? (if I can get back on line)

  5. I installed it without any problem from Dell 7 I like it I like it .It took about an hour or so..I find it faster…..Please continue to give us New OS 10 tips Thank you… Go 10 Go….

  6. It took me several hours to upgrade – I’d waited an hour and a half & it was only at 35%, so I decided to go to bed, only to find when I woke up that it had paused to ask “Do you agree to the terms?” and “What do you want to keep?” before it would finish – which took another hour and a half after I answered the questions. Those questions should be asked near the beginning of the process so that the rest of the process can run without interruption.

    Now that I’ve upgraded, I don’t notice anything special. Sure, it looks a little bit different than Windows 7, but I don’t see what the hype was all about. When I snap a window to one side of the screen it pops up suggestions of what I might want on the other half. Okay, that saves me about a second. Whoopeee?

    I have had “Ok, Google” on my phone for over a year, so I tend to use that & Cortana doesn’t even occur as an option.

    Some people have said it’s quicker…I don’t notice that it is, and in fact the first day after I upgraded, it was as slow as molasses.

    I don’t like Edge & have already stopped using it.

    I’ve also found that it has disabled autoplay on videos in my other browsers so as I do transcription work, which is my secondary job, I find myself pressing “play” more than a hundred times more than I used to daily, which is very annoying. There goes that second I gained from the snap feature I mentioned above.

    I can understand why Windows 8 users would love the upgrade, but I can’t understand for the life of me why it’s seen as an improvement over Windows 7.

  7. Didn’t like searching for everything on my start menu again. Went back to Win 7 and am waiting to see if they fix it for those of us who don’t use all the apps. I also didn’t like that while my programs were all still there I had to re-associate to get them to automatically work. Being patient. Still miss XP pro.

    1. You could have downloaded a free program “Classic Shell” to get your start menu back to the same as windows 7. They’ve made one for Windows 10. I use it on my Windows 8.1.

  8. Windows 8.1 worked great I could set the touch pad settings and they stayed
    now in Windows 10 it works great until I power down and then it resets back
    I find this a big problem

  9. My experience has been that 3rd party software has not caught up with Win10.
    I have also been told that IF you ever forget your password, and get locked out from logging in, there is no recourse. No password recovery – you are out forever. Then what? I was not given an answer.

  10. It’s not working well for me. I have to turn off and on my computer (with the power button) many times per day. After a few minutes of use, nothing works except the programs I happen to have open. I can’t start a new program, bring up the start window, enter a query into Cortana, or even toggle my speaker on and off.

    If I right-click in the task bar, I can select Task Manager, but it never starts.

    I asked the Microsoft community about this, but haven’t gotten an answer yet.

    1. I’d suggest contacting Microsoft Customer Support directly. I’d choose the option where they call you when available. I had an outlook issue related to Windows 10 and I found them to be very helpful.

  11. I use Office 2007. After upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7, Windows 10 changed the font in ALL of my documents to a very hard-to-read font. I find this very upsetting.

  12. After several attempts will not install on my HP Pavillion dm1 notebook. Keep getting error code 802 40031 at 2.7 gigabytes downloaded at 99%. Have not attempted to install on my desktop for fear of total disaster.

  13. It works fine you can get internet explorer 11 and use your windows 7 as always and your computer acts normal and then you can go to windows 10. Quit whinning

  14. You can have it. It crashed my HP computer & I did every fix I could find for it. Nothing worked. Called micro people & they had no clue what it was. Finally had to go back & return it to it’s original everything. I hear this has happened to thousands!

  15. It’s ok, not that thrilled with it. I’m constantly searching for items that were easily found in the past. I had a whale of a time getting my free copy installed as well and when I called was told my wait time was greater than 1 hour and 30 minutes. Called later in the evening and Microsoft is closed, how nice! NOT. I called the Customer Service number and was given a direct line that at least gave me the option for a call back, which I chose.

    Talked with a CSR, Indian of course, and after asking her to repeat things many times (when will companies learn just because you have hired someone who can speak English does not mean they can speak English that can be understood.) Norton was causing the problem with not downloading and after
    trying numerous commands W-10 was FINALLY installed.

    I really don’t see what all the hoopla is about as it’s not a very ‘friendly’ system. Seems to do what it wants to do when it wants to and just locks the user out. :-((

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