Will I Lose My LiveMail With Windows 10?

Steve is concerned about his accessibility options and his e-mail.  He writes: My only concern is, as a blind person who uses text-to-speech software, would I be able to still use Windows Live Mail and will my documents still be intact. In short, what I am asking and wanting to know please, is if an upgrade to Windows 10 will format my machine or if there is a possibility of it happening.”


Steve, I can tell you from my personal experience that Windows Live Mail on my PC was completely unchanged. All of my messages were intact right where I left them before the upgrade.  However, it’s still a good idea to back up your messages in a data file before upgrading.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I hope that’s not true for you, but for me it sure was, as far a changing to windows 10 , my windows live quit working, so I took my computer in, after 2 days and a fresh load, luckily they could save my data, they reloaded windows 10, and got my live working. The so called free version of windows 10 has cost me $119.00 to fix it, plus my webcam will not work or my keyboard, had to order new cam that cost me $50.00 and another $22.50 to get part for my wireless keyboard and mouse. Oh ya and don’t forget the pain in the but is was reloading all those programs. I say stay away from it until they get the bugs worked out..

    1. My Live Mail was completely unaffected, as is the case with most people. Transferring the data and reloading either Windows 10 or live Mail after exporting data is a pretty simple task, so they charged you pretty good for that one. I would have suggested calling Microsoft Tech Support, that’s the kind of stuff they’ll do for free for Windows 10 and I’ve had some pretty good experiences with them so far. When you ran the compatibility check for Windows 10, did it mention your webcam or keyboard?

  2. HELP! My Win Live Mail just stopped receiving mail from the Gmail server. I can still send and find my mail on the server but nothing comes to the client. I just read that Yahoo mail will stop working with WLM but no mention of a Gmail problem.
    Is there a reason for this I can fix? Is there a good replacement that will copy my folders and my address book?

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