A reader wrote us in a panic:  I had the app for windows 10 in the lower right on the task bar, I reserved my copy and then something went wrong with computer and I had to do a restore. now I have lost the KB that put the little windows icon in the task bar. I am trying to get just that kb from the windows upgrade catalog but that wont install. what am I going to do? will the upgrade still be available to me (because I reserved it previously)? How can I get the kb that I need if windows update catalog will not install? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Calm down – the fix is as simple as going to Windows Update and running your updates again.


Now if you don’t see the particular updates you need to get that Windows 10 icon:

For Windows 7 SP1:



For Windows 8.1 Update:



You’ll probably need to install some more updates to get your PC ready for Windows 10.  If, once you get those updates installed, you still don’t see the option, you can do directly to Microsoft’s software download site.

You’ll need to install the 32 or 64 bit version of their Software downloader, depending on your device.


After you select Run, you can choose to Upgrade this PC now and finish the upgrade or you can choose to Create installation media for another PC. I’d suggest Upgrade Now.


You’ll then be walked through the upgrade process. I would back up my important files first. None of my files were affected at all by the upgrade, but you never know.

~ Cynthia