Where Did My Mail Folders Go?

Joe’s had an issue since setting up Windows 10. He writes:  “I downloaded Windows then and then set up my e-mail account which is a POP account. It practically set itself up it was so easy but then I lost all my e-mails that I had stored while running windows 8.1 including all your newsletter that I kept in a separate folder for references when needed. In the new windows 10 mail there are not folders or is there any way of creating and managing folders so I cannot save my important e-mails. Is Microsoft going to fix this problem????”  Another thing that is happening now that was not happening in Windows 8.1 is that when I delete a e-mail on my computer it also deletes it from my phone or vice versa. Before in Windows 8.1 I could delete from my phone and it would not affect the e-mails on my computer.”

Joe. If you’re using the Mail App that comes with Windows 10, you don’t create folders in it. It does, however, bring in folders that you’ve set up in your online e-mail accounts like Outlook.com or Gmail.


When I did my upgrade, my existing folders weren’t affected. Nothing in my Mail App or my Outlook changed, so I have a question for you. Were you using the Mail App in 8.1 or another e-mail client, such as Live Mail or Outlook. If you were using Live Mail or Outlook, just type the name of the program into the search box in the Start Menu. You may find that all of your e-mails are just where you left them.


As for the deleting issue, it sounds like you’ve got an IMAP account set up and the actions you take on one device effect all of your devices.

~ Cynthia

Update:  Joe checked and that was indeed the case with his file folders. All of his folders were still safely in his Windows Live Mail program.


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  1. Mine aren’t there. I did the above and they aren’t there either. I need those folders back like yesterday. Where did they go?

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