I’ve been using this calculator a lot over the past few weeks. My schedule has been highly erratic and I know I’m a bear to deal with if I don’t get my 8 hours of sleep.

What you do is put in the time you have to be up and the app will calculate when you should go to bed to get the best amount of rest. It even tells you to account for the 15 minutes  it takes on average for people to fall asleep.

It also works in reverse, you can select to find out when to wake up if you should go to bed now. Just click the zzz’s button  to switch the calculator over.

What I really like is that this site is also very accessible for smart phones, tablets, and such. Just click the mobile link if you’re on a device, and you’ll get the interface designed for it.

This has been so handy while traveling!

I hope you’ll check it out today!


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  1. An app to tell you when to go to bed??? REALLY???????
    Did everyone out there forget how to tell time???? (LOL)

  2. I purchased your WINDOWS 10 program and was impressed.
    Then I installed WINDOWS 10. Your program had disappeared.

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