I’ve told you about Google Wallet before. This app allows you to store your credit or debit card information on your phone and pay at selected retailers using your Android phone.

Now, you may have some qualms about putting your credit card information into a phone app. It’s probably as secure as anything else, but I don’t put my credit or banking information in there either. That’s also because I never use credit cards, I pay for most purchases in cash. But there are some cards that I do use, customer loyalty cards and rewards programs.

I’ve got one for every restaurant, most department stores, and I’m enrolled in discount programs for book stores. Plus, folks often give me gift cards for birthdays and special occasions. Those cards are totally clogging up my wallet. Digging for my Hallmark rewards card can turn buying a birthday card into a bit of a production. Fortunately, Google Wallet lets me enter my gift cards as well. Plus, the process is super-simple!

I emptied 20 rewards cards out of my over-stuffed wallet!  Let’s take a look at how it’s done!  If you have an Android phone, you can head on over to the Google Play store and download Google Wallet.


You’ll be asked to set up an account and a PIN number to access your account.  Once that’s complete, you’ll want to choose Add any loyalty program from the menu.


Choose the + sign at the bottom of the screen to add a card.


Now simply take a photo of the back of your card. When you line the card up in the box, it will automatically take the photo.


Then take a shot of the front.


And confirm the images.


Now, type in the name of your rewards program and select it.


Usually the app grabs the number or the bar code for your card off the image. But, in some case you may need to enter in manually. Once the info is entered and confirmed, your card will be store like this on your phone.


When you go to use your rewards card, just pull out your phone instead of a wallet full of cards.


You can also use Google Wallet to store gift cards. They do remind you that it’s a good idea to keep the actual gift card at home as a backup.

When you go to pay, just show them the image on your phone instead of your loyalty card.

~ Cynthia