The iHealth BP5 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor (electronic sphygmomanometer) measures your maximum (systolic) and a minimum (diastolic) blood pressure in a convenient system using a sleeved monitor shell device and free mobile phone app named iHealth MyVitals.

The box includes one wireless blood pressure monitor, owner’s manual, quick start guide, charging cable, and a sturdy, soft, neoprene travel bag with zipper. Track your blood pressure with this iHealth wireless monitor that accommodates an unlimited number of users, so you and your family can record your health information together. The integrated app includes health tools for a personalized experience.

This comfortable device/unit consists of an adjustable Velcro cuff with a rounded white box display complete with a helpful, built-in clear window with colored indicators.

Its sleek design eliminates the extra items that can catch on things and/or hinder use. The length of the cuff is considerable, so smaller users might have a disadvantage, but the material is durable, which makes it easy to travel. The quick start guide uses clear visuals for an easy initial setup experience.

Users can interact and charge the device through the mini-USB cable. A port, which includes a rubber protector, is located on the small side of the device box edge along with an orange Start/Stop button (shown above) in the middle of the device’s outer edge.

The color indicators include a green battery charge light that blinks green while charging then stays green when charging is completed. Users can get approximately 80 measurements on a single battery charge.

The blue Bluetooth indicator shows when that functions is working within the unit, and it replaces the previous version’s need for a physical dock to communicate and receive data.

Users get the customize data dashboards on the iHealth MyVitals mobile app, which replaces the earlier iHealth BPM app. Just create an account and the trackable data stores measured information within the app. The app also lets you track multiple users across other iHealth devices.


After installing the app (Apple’s App Store or Google Play store), users can place the monitor on their arm then connect via Bluetooth 3.0 wireless chips (turn on in settings; make sure batteries are charged) using the special app.

You simply match the directional arrows when fitting then securing the device cuff, which features a durable metal loop. The data measurement is almost instantaneous.

Bicep-based measurements were recommended and most comfortable. Measurements vary depending how the arm is positioned and your weight.


The measuring process takes approximately 45 seconds and mainly involves the cuff expands with air then deflating.


The app then stores measured information on blood pressure, systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings plus calories & carbs, weight, blood oxygen, glucose, tracking tips, personal goals and other activities. You’ll get different graphical formats, so you can interpret and share their data in different way. It’s a very convenient function, especially for frequent doctor visits and other “report-out”-type activities.


All the information is securely kept in iHealth’s private cloud storage, and it’s available at any time in five different file formats.

Offline? No problem. You can store up to 120 offline readings for later synchronization via the Bluetooth function. To do this, you just have to enable offline measurement function in the app (app – device setting–>offline measurement–>on), apply the cuff, follow measurement procedures, and then press start/stop.

This recommended iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor also has an auto connect option that remembers the last used device.

The iHealth BP5 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a nice mobile alternative that currently works with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad (4th,generation, 3rd), iPad mini, iPad, and iPod touch (3, 4, and 5th generation). All this connectivity doesn’t come cheap. This blood pressure monitor costs $99.95.

The iHealth group also has many other devices for users. Price ranges from $84.99 to $189.99 (iHealth and other stores).

~ Mike