Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser among PC users, and I heard from a reader who’s worried about its future. “I’ve heard Internet Explorer browser is being discontinued. What’s another good browser I should use?”

You’ll be relieved to know that Internet Explorer isn’t going anywhere just yet.  It is still included in Windows 10, though Microsoft is much more keen on their new Edge browser.


If you’re looking for an IE alternative, you could always check out Edge, if you have Windows 10. Google Chrome is a popular alternative, as is Firefox.  Both Chrome and Firefox can be downloaded for free.

There’s no reason to switch from IE now unless you want to. Myself, I have Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge on my Windows 10 PC. I always think its good to have a variety of browsers available in case one has an issue with a site you need to visit or a task you need to perform.

~ Cynthia