Scammers Target Facebook Comments

As we have come to learn about scammers, there’s no route they won’t take to trick people. All they have to all day is sit around coming up with ways to trick you.

Their latest playground seems to be comment sections on the Facebook pages for popular sites like the Huffington Post and ESPN.  Security experts Symantec alerted readers to the latest tricks on their official blog.

The scammers add comments with links, aiming to draw clicks. Here, they’re offering free viewing of movies currently in the theater.


First of all, shame on you if you would click on something like this. That would be stealing. Pirated movie and TV sites are a leading source of Malware infections. Why would someone who has no problem stealing a movie, have a problem stealing from you?

When you click on the link, you’ll be directed to a site where the movies are supposed to be. When you try to play the movie, you’ll be sent to a site that hosts malware-laden advertisements including ones for tech support scams.

They’ve got tech support scams in all flavors for every device out there including Windows, Macs and iPhones. Looking at the site, it certainly looks legit at first glance.


You might receive a message that your computer has been infected with a porn virus or a fake crash report.  Always be careful what you click on. And always be extremely suspicious of free things. Most importantly, don’t engage in criminal behavior. The one thing you already know about someone who posts a video of a current movie release is that person is a thief.

~ Cynthia

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