John writes to us all the way from Cardiff, Wales.  “I installed Windows 10 I seem to have lost two games that I play regularly for light relief namely – “Freecell” and “Mahjong”. Is there any way of retrieving these games? I am an octogenarian who has followed and enjoyed your website for some time.”

John, I have mentioned before that games that were pre-installed as part of the Games section of the Windows 7 operating system would be lost with the update to Windows 10.

Fortunately, it’s super-easy to get them back. First let’s open the Windows store. The Windows store icon should appear on your taskbar. Just  click on the icon that looks like a shopping bag.


You can also search for store in the search box in Start Menu. Or, just tell Cortana to open the Windows store.


Once the store app opens, you can search for the games you want. You’ll find free versions of  both Mahjong and Free Cell games. I happen to like Microsoft’s Solitaire collection.


It has a version of Free Cell Included.


You’ll also find several Mahjong games.  It’s easy to tell which games are free. It says so right by the title. Just click the Free button to download.


It shouldn’t even take a minute for your game to download and install. The games will then appear on you start menu under recently added apps.


You’ll also be able to find it under All Apps or by searching for the game in your search box.

~ Cynthia