I’ve been using Windows 10 for several months now while working on my guide about the operating system. Overall, I like it quite a lot. But I do have three pet peeves.

Control Panel/Settings : Make up your mind!

Need to adjust a setting? You’d think choosing settings would be a great idea. And it will get you to many things, but not everything. Some things need to be accessed through the Control Panel interface.


What’s wrong with a centralized place for all your settings? I suppose Windows needed to stick with Control Panel because some legacy applications need it – but it’s darn annoying. It also makes for some very non-intuitive searching for how to do stuff.


The dual-nature legacy of Windows 8 lives on here. If Microsoft truly wants “one Windows” across all devices, they need to have one Windows within Windows.

Mail App

I am not a fan of the Mail App. It is simply too pared-down to be a good e-mail client. You can’t create folders and you can’t really add or edit contacts very well. Now, you can import these things from your e-mail account, but why should I have to take extra steps?


If you’re going to have an e-mail client, give me a real one with some functionality.  Fortunately, there’s always Outlook. Or you can download Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird for free.

No Photo Re-sizing.

The Photo app will let you display, organize and edit your photos. You can do things like red-eye fix and special effects. You can even retouch, crop and rotate. But you cant re-size.


When I first noticed this in Windows 8, I searched and searched. I thought I must be mistaken. No one would ever leave out such a necessary function. But they sure did. I’d hoped it might be fixed in Windows 10, but no such luck.

If you want to resize an image in Windows 10, you’ll have to open up Paint. Since almost every other image editor include a re-size function, why can’t this be done simply in the Photos app?

I wouldn’t consider any of these things deal-breakers. I still really like Windows 10. Microsoft says that with Windows 10, they’ll be taking plenty of feedback and making gradual changes to the operating system based on that. Hopefully, they’ll figure out a way to address some of these issues.

~ Cynthia