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PIXLR Editor is a free online image editor that offers a variety of tools. The handy thing about a service like PIXLR, is not only can you use it on your own PC or as an app on your phone or tablet, you can also use it on someone else’s PC or at the library. I once used it at a previous job when I needed to alter a photo and my work PC was missing image software do to a recent upgrade to another operating system.

Click here to open the PIXLR Editor in your web browser.

You’ll be greeted with a screen that lets you choose between creating a new image or opening one from your PC, the web or your Facebook account.


Click on Open Image From Computer and you can choose a file from your PC.


Once that image is uploaded, you’ll find a range of editing choices, usually that you find in an program like Photoshop Elements.


To the left you’ll find tools like Crop, Select, Lasso & a Magic Wand to use in selecting the parts of the image you wish to work on.

PIXLR-select tools

Here, I’ve used the Magic Wand to select a particular color in the image.


You’ll also find the familiar pencil and brush tools, an eraser and fill tool, plus gradient and clone tool.


The clone tool allows you to select part of the image and then apply is somewhere else to cover up a flaw, take out things like power lines or just play with the image. Here’s I’m adding cars to the water for no apparent reason.


Your next group of tools includes blur, sharpen, spot heal, dodge, burn and red-eye removal. All great tools for improving your photos and getting creative.


PIXLR also give you the ability to add layers and windows to navigate your image, the layers and effects you’ve applied and the history of changes you’ve made. That means you can go back and undo anything at any time.


Click Layer at the top of the screen and you’ll see a long menu of options.


Adjustment gives you control over color and brightness. It also gives you filters like old photos and sepia.


Filters will give you a wide range of blurs, and effects to play with.


I’ll get into some more in-depth tutorials later, but right now,  just go there and have fun like me.


It’s free, and you don’t even have to download anything. Give it a try!

~ Cynthia

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  1. Wow, its amazing, Nice tutorial i am learning my editing skill on toolpic.com can you also make a tutorial on toolpic editor also. thanks

  2. An excellent program for online photo editing! A bunch of effects and options:) + Photo after editing using online editing + screens. I can recommend macphun editor for mac users as a alternative (but its paid)

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