In The News 09-11-15

Chrome Kills Flash Ads

Google has taken another step towards what seems to be the inevitable end of the road for Flash by  stopping what it calls “peripheral” flash content – and that includes most ads that use Flash Player. Many ads will be automatically converted to HTML5, but some won’t make it.


Users can still choose to view the flash content if they want, but they’ll have to change a Chrome Content Setting. is also ending Flash ads due to the increasing number of browsers that block flash content.

Hulu Offers An Ad-Free  Choice

If you’re tired of ads in your Hulu programming, you now have a commercial- free option. Users of Hulu Plus will now have a choice between paying eight bucks a month for limited ad-content or spending $12 monthly for a new commercial-free service.


Those who watch the free version of Hulu will just have to put up with more ads in exchange for their programming.

New HP Printers Automatically Order Ink

HP is introducing a new line of printers with an interesting new feature. It’s not how they print, it’s how you restock the ink. With HP’s new Instant Ink plan, printing becomes more of a service.


The smart printer knows when it’s running low on ink and automatically orders a restock that will be shipped to your door. The price of the ink is based on the subscription plan you choose. You can choose plans ranging from $14.99 for 200 pages of black ink printing to a 300 page plan.

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  1. I bought one of these printers a couple of months ago and subscribed to the instant ink service for £1.99 a month which will let you print 50 pages. This service charges you by the amount of pages printed rather than the amount of ink you have used. The printer is connected by wi-fi to the HP site and monitors your ink levels, as soon as your printer detects a low ink warning it will automatically contact the service and order your ink. The service will only send you the amount of ink you need, so if you have plenty of black ink left it will only order the colour ink etc. Because you are charged per sheet of paper it does mean that if you only lets say print one word on a whole page that will go towards your usage, so you have to be mindful of that. I would recommend using this service for anyone that needs to regularly print documents etc. I have found this service to be much cheaper than buying ink in the usual way.

  2. HP first introduced Instant Ink in June 2014. The plans include 50 pages for $2.99, 100 pages for $4.99, and 300 pages for $9.99. Not sure where you received your info. Also, it’s not the printer that is smart, but instead a microchip on the ink cartridge that informs HP of ink levels.

  3. You also implied in your article that there is a “black ink plan”. The good part is that it doesn’t matter if you print full size color photos for all the pages you subscribe to, or as Chrissy said above, if you print only a word or a few on a page. For those of us who do not have to print over the limit we choose in a month, it is a good program. By the way, if you don’t use all your allotted pages in a month, the excess for that month will roll over to the next month, up to your monthly subscription amount.

  4. I’m one of your steady readers and do comment-now and then. I appreciate all you do and enjoy reading comments…why I never asked before[?] …. all the print squeezed together? What I am typying is fine…
    but can’t read the comments -words are on top of each other like line spacing of 0.75 …solution?

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