A reader has an interesting question about Amazon’s Kindle. “It’s said that one can read eBooks on a tablet PC as well. So, I’m curious to know how Kindle is more suitable for reading books. And, how Kindle fares relatively in browsing, documenting, video etc…”

That’s a great question. When people say Kindle, they sometimes mean a Kindle eReader and sometimes mean one of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets.

Kindle PaperWhite
Kindle PaperWhite

A Kindle eReader is a dedicated reading device that uses eInk  for a display that closely mimics paper. It’s easy on the eyes and you don’t run into any issues with glare on the screen. With a Kindle eReader linked to your Amazon account, you can buy books and download them instantly.

An eReader doesn’t use apps or access the Internet (except sometimes for limited browsing.) Many people consider that a point in its favor. There are no distractions, the devices are very light and they have an extremely long battery life.

Kindle’s line of Fire Tablets work like other tablets and run apps and are intended to be used as an Internet appliance. Among the advantages of Amazon’s Fire line of tablets, is that they are very nice tablets, especially the Fire HDX line. However, you can get less expensive tablets for a $100 to $150 less than an Fire HDX,


Fire Tablets are a form of Android tablet. They offer a customized interface that puts Amazon content like your books, music and movies front and center on your tablet.  So you can get to those items quickly.


They also offer a mayday service, where one tap will get you instant live customer service support. You are limited to Amazon’s app system. It’s pretty good, but you may find some games or apps that you’d like to use unavailable. For example, you can’t read Nook books on a Kindle, but you can read both Kindle and Nook books on other tablets.


With their Prime subscription you have access to movies, TV shows and a music subscription service. But if you add the Amazon app to your Android or iPad tablet, (or your smartphone) you can also read books easily, plus watch video and listen to music if you have the Prime subscription. But you do need to take the extra step of opening up that additional app.  On a Kindle, your most recently read book, recently viewed video and recently played game will be waiting for you on the start screen.

~ Cynthia