In The News 9-18-15

Dell Wants To Boost Chinese Innovation

American PC maker Dell is investing a hefty $125 billion to boost tech innovation, but not in the U.S. This investment is happening in China.  According to CEO Michael Dell, it will help sustain one million jobs in the country and represents the company’ long-term commitment to the market.


The company is also collaborating with the Chinese Academy of Sciences on a an Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Lab.

iOS 9 Lets You Flip The Bird

It appears that Apple’s iOS 9 will let you tell folks off with a colorful emoticon. Leaked images of new emojis show the one-finger salute among your choices.  If you’re feeling slightly less hostile there’s also a unicorn, a turkey and a squirrel. Not to mention a burrito.

Office 2016 Release Date Confirmed

Microsoft has confirmed the release date for Office 2016. The latest version of the office suite will be available on September 22.


Those with subscriptions to Office 365 will receive free updates of the latest features.

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  1. I knew I was ‘nearsighted’, and maybe I am now a bit ‘shortsighted’ but noway do I see a ‘DELL’ in my future. One-million jobs to China?

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