Why Doesn’t Pogo Support Chrome?

Jennifer weighed in on the topic of Flash and Java support on various browsers and how it affects game players. She writes: “I am a club Pogo member for 6 years. But I find it very frustrating. Pogo no longer support Google chrome and Firefox browsers. I couldn’t play anymore. So I decided to cancel my subscription today. I know that site doesn’t care even google chrome has been good for years and I don’t want to waste my time with all the stupid details trying to get everything back.. I am looking for other online games somewhere else. I bet lot and lot of customers will leave Pogo.com for sure. And Pogo will get shut down soon. Good bye Pogo.”

Jennifer, just to clarify –  Pogo didn’t stop supporting Chrome and Firefox. Those browsers stopped supporting Flash and Java plug-ins by default. So, they stopped supporting many of the games offered on Pogo.  The hope is that this will encourage game development in alternate platforms, such as HTML5.


I understand  your not wanting to mess with workarounds, so I won’t get into that.

The folks at Google and Mozilla feel that Flash and Java aren’t safe. But for a site like Pogo, coming up with a new platform would mean completely rebuilding games from the ground up. Not all game developers are willing to put the time. Especially for PC-based casual gaming. It’s on the decline with game play shifting to mobile apps. Game efforts are much more likely to be concentrated their instead on a PC platform.

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If they do away with Flash games, it’s likely that old favorites will fall by the wayside and be replaced with new and different games built on the HTML5 platform. It wouldn’t make financial sense to put the effort into anything but the most popular games.

In this situation, I can see both sides. The need of browsers to push forward security and new and better technology and the need of a business to not lay out a fortune to completely redesign its games.

~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Pogo Support Chrome?

  1. for Jennifer, pogo has not done away with flash or Java games,,
    chrome and torch will not support Java games, but the latest version of Firefox will. Firefox never worked right for me,,so I removed it,, but added it back on my Win 10 computer and it works fine for flash and java. update to the latest version and try it again.

  2. I am disappointed that I cant get the game of spades on chrome anymore but I can still get it on Firefox . I have a desktop computer & I still like it the best.

    anymore. But fortunately I can still get it on Firefox on my desktop computer..

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