Help! Can’t Find Things When I Search In Windows 10

Jane is having an issue searching in Windows 10. She writes: “I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 with no problems.  I was using the “search” icon (to the right of start on the task bar) to look for items on my computer that I couldn’t find: i.e. control panel, my computer,etc.  However about a week ago, I did something that changed the search icon into the Cortana icon. When I ask to find something in Cortana, it only gives me options on the web not on my computer. I have even asked how to get my search icon back-and I get lists of web based options which do not answer my question. Please help me get my “search” icon back.”

Jane, the search start menu and search box are really the center of Windows 10. From there you can find anything quickly and easily. Activating Cortana doesn’t really change how search works, it just gives you added functionality for voice search and voice control. To search, just click or tap in the search box on the lower left side of your screen and start typing what you want to find.


For this example, I’m typing Control Panel.


Here you will see search results for programs on the PC, items in the Windows Store and the Web. You can click on the result to either open a program or go to the Windows store or the web.


You’ll also notice the option at the bottom to narrow the search to just the web. Click it, and you will see related results in a browser. You can also narrow the search to My Stuff. This will display only items on your PC.


When you choose My Stuff, you’ll have options to sort by relevancy and date.


I don’t know if you’re getting web results for some searches for for all of them. One reason you could be seeing only web results, is that your computer can’t find want you want on the PC. In this example, you’ll notice all me results are for the web or the Windows Store.


When I click  My Stuff, it looks a little deeper – pulling up document that may contain those words.


I hope this helps you with your search.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I am not able to get My Stuff to do anything. Nothing happens when I click it. It’s dead as a door nail. All I get when I search is Best Match and that’s it. Any ideas on how to remedy that issue?


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