In part 1 of this article, we looked at TV viewing options for those of you who have decided to “cut the cord” of cable and satellite service and turn to streaming options.  The football fans out there will certainly want to know how they can catch games that aren’t being shown on broadcast TV.


Football fans can catch DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket service including the “Red Zone” where viewers get live, commercial-free coverage that automatically switches to another game when a team is in scoring position or an important event is happening. The recently released “Fantasy Zone” compliments the live, commercial-free coverage as the service feeds from CBS and Fox Sunday broadcasts while the new Short Cuts features offers 30-minute commercial free game recaps after 9 p.m. EST every Sunday. This service is available through various devices including computer and gaming consoles and features live streaming video, highlights, statistics, and schedules. No contract or satellite dish is required.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET_20150912183347
NFL SUNDAY TICKET_20150912183347

Viewers can always watch programs on the original broadcaster’s website and should use caution when viewing videos on unofficial “hosting” websites. YouTube frequently checks for videos violating copyright laws and removes them. Subscription streaming services are getting an increasing amount of ads plus their available offerings often change in availability.  All the purchasable entertainment options can add up, so you might want to compare to home video, which often offers exclusive bonus features/extras though streaming services like Amazon Instant Video are improving their extra bonus features included with home video purchases.

Company associations, syndication deals, and other factors make a difference in the available entertainment. Consider subscriptions to online services, money from ads, individual episode purchases, other revenue streams like merchandise and songs from musical episodes to remind you that media entertainment is a business when you’re sifting through choices. It’s rewarding to get free options, but remember, they often act as enticements to get customers to spend more money and might not be available for long.


After you know how and what to watch, it’s basically just a matter of finding the time. Schedule services like Stanza can save valuable time. Viewers can catch original broadcasts plus convenient re-airings. Stanza has NFL ( and NBA ( that features an easy one-click sync in the Game schedule for approximately $83 a year, which may seem steep at first until you consider the saved time plus all changes sync automatically in real time.

Enjoy the fall TV/sports season!

~ Mike