Smart Oven Knob A Hit – Early Backers Out Of Luck

Developers of a smart oven knob seem to have a potential a hit on their hands. The Meld knob will attach to your existing oven and then communicate via an app with temperature sensors you attach to you pots and pans. The smart device would then wirelessly adjust the heat level to match what you’re cooking.


The plan was a hit on the Kickstarter crowd-funding site. The company raised 4 times their $50,000 goal. That success has drawn the interest of a big-time kitchenware manufacturer. That means good news for the developers, but bad news for those who backed the Kickstarter campaign. Those backers won’t be getting their smart knob as promised in October. Instead the company will issue refunds and instead partner with a large company to manufacture a line of products.

The company promises that those who participated in the Kickstarter campaign will have first access and preferential pricing when the new line is released.  This led some to accuse the company of using the Kickstarter campaign merely as a way of generating publicity and finding a larger backer.

~ Cynthia

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