In The News 10/02/15

 Info Requests Worry Parents

A government program aimed at providing iPads to kids is under fire for some pretty lax security standards. Parents were asked to send kids to school with their Apple ID, password and answers to security questions written down on a piece of paper.


Kids at two Knoxville schools will be getting iPad Air tablets and data plans thanks to a grant from Verizon, Apple and the government.  Of course, you need an Apple ID and parental permission to sign on to these devices.  Of course, it’s considered a bad idea to share your password or even write it down, much less stick it in small child’s pocket.

A program to promote digital literacy might be a good idea for the government.  Considering that the Navy is still running Windows XP, some Federal servers still have their default passwords and never ending stream of data breaches.

Instagram Passes 400 Million Users

If you use Instagram, you are not alone. The popular social photo-sharing app has passed 400 million users worldwide.


The service is so popular that many restaurant chains re-designed the way food was presented to make it more photogenic for Instagram users who love to post photos of their lunch.

Microsoft Apologizes For Skype Outage

Microsoft apologized to users after a 15-hour outage inconvenienced millions of users of the free video and voice messaging service.  The company says that a larger than normal update accidentally disconnected some users and that when they went to reconnect, it caused heavy traffic that crashed all of their free services.


Updates have crashed the Skype system before back in 2007 and 2010.

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