In The News 10-09-15

iPhone 6s Off To A Huge Start

More than 13 million iPhones 6s and 6s Plus sold during the first weekend they were available. That’s 3 million more units than the iPhone 6 sold when it was introduced.


Experts had predicted the phone would sell about 12 million. While Apple users are notoriously loyal and eager to purchase new products, the iPhone 6s was a refresh of the iPhone 6 and not a completely new model with one killer must-have feature.

EMV Chips Aim To Stop Credit Fraud

Credit Card companies are hoping that new EMV chips embedded in credit cards will stop fraud. The chips create a one-time use code each time a purchase is made when the charge is made on a specially outfitted credit card readers.


Credit card providers MasterCard, Visa and EuroPay teamed up on the effort to encourage store owners to get the special readers installed. Stores that don’t have these new terminals installed will be on the hook for fraudulent purchases made in their stores. Normally the credit card company takes the loss.

The increased security could mean that credit card payments may take a little longer to process at the checkout.

Microsoft To Open Flagship NYC Store

Unlike Apple, which prides itself on its Apple Stores across the country, Microsoft has not really made too much of an impact in brick and mortar locations.

But the company is stepping up its game, opening a store in New York City at the end of October followed by a location in Sydney, Australia in mid-November.


In a blog post, Microsoft VP David Porter said, “Today, we get one step closer to expanding our direct, face-to-face connection with Microsoft fans.” As part of their grand openings, the company will donate $5 million in software and technology grants to organizations in those cities.

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