AdBlock Now Allows Acceptable Ads

If you use the popular AdBlock extension for Chrome, you may begin seeing a few more ads. AdBlock had joined the “Acceptable Ads” program.

The program uses specific guidelines to decide if an ad is “non-annoying” and therefore, acceptable to be displayed.  These ads will be displayed by default.


The developer, Michael Gundlach, promises that acceptable ads will be determined by an impartial group of experts.  The creator says he thinks it’s a super-idea, but also announces that he’s decided to see the company and basically get out of Dodge. So, take from that what you will.

The Acceptable ads program was created by was the owners of Adblock Plus.


Web publisher are usually not fond of ad blocking extensions. They intercept web traffic and prevent ads from downloading from other sites, thereby costing them ad revenue. Since most sites are entirely supported by advertising, this can be a problem.  I told you in a previous article about how the developer of the most popular ad-blocking app in the Apple Store, pulled his product even though it was topping the download list because he felt bad about blocking the ads that fellow developers depend upon for support.

The Acceptable Ads program reviews ads for quality and content and decides if they’re suitable for viewing. There had been concern in the past that some advertisers could simply pay to get onto the safe list.

With the Acceptable Ads program, those decisions will be made by an independent board, who presumably, have no dog in this fight.

~ Cynthia


15 thoughts on “AdBlock Now Allows Acceptable Ads

  1. What’s the point of Adblocker if its going to allow ads based on someone’s idea of acceptable which may not be mine?

  2. I have had AdBlocker on my Windows7 computer and am very happy with its performance. NOW, I am getting g “pop-ups” from AdBlocker telling me there is an “update” available and a “yes or no” choice to download the change. I suspect the update is related to the “acceptable ads” described in your post. Do you feel anything drastic will happen if I don’t accept their “update?”

  3. I expect my ad blocker to Block Ads…..All ads….not just something someone else has decided was a bad one!

  4. Ads? In a word No!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s bad enough I have to wade through WS Adv. but every Tom Dick or Harry in addition? No WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’d rather not have any ads at all. I’m not clear from this what constitutes “acceptable.” If we are going to have to have ads anyway, I would strongly urge that no ad that includes audio that starts by itself should be considered “acceptable.” If I want to view a video and listen to audio, I want to be able to start it–and definitely stop it–by myself.

  6. Don’t like ads of any kind. That’s why I have ad blocker on. I think that whoever came up with this idea should start looking for another line of work.

  7. I am using an ad blocker because I DON’T WANT TO SEE ANY F******G ADS popping up on my screen, or consuming any space / data on my screen. Ads steal data away from what I choose to view online. Ads cause me to exceed my monthly data allowance, resulting in overage charges and so ADVERTISERS ARE STEALING FROM ME. If I want what ever it is the advertisers are selling, I WILL GO SEEK IT OUT MYSELF WITHOUT ADVERTISERS “HELP”.

  8. I don’t need or want ADS. If I want to purchase something I will visit a local supplier or search for what I want. Websites that expose me to ADS are most likely to be unsubscribed from. Just like 75% of my mail goes directly into recycle bin and home phone is hardly ever answered – bothersome websites are and will be avoided.

  9. Are any ads acceptable when you have an ad-blocker turned on? NO! If they allow ads then they should change their name to Some Ad Blocker or have 2 versions, one that works and one that doesn’t.

  10. Don’t you realize that Google, as a search engine or chrome, is just an Ad Engine. I quit using Google as a search engine, period… It just brings you the ads that it demands that you see before your search comes up, IF IT COMES UP AT ALL.
    And Google HAS DESTROYED YOUTUBE. You can not find the songs you want, even with the correct artist and title. You have to go through all their choices, period.
    In the pre-google days, you had an advance search tools….NO MORE.
    Everybody is worried about NSA spying on you. You better be worried about GOOGLE and what they are doing with your personal information.

    Why does the android cell phone need all my contact information and phone numbers?

    Why does it want my Location when I am using my phone?

    Why does it want all the phone numbers that I call?

    As far as I am concern, I fear Google more than NSA, as least they are in the protection business. Google is in the stealing and selling of personal information business.

    Heck, They are in the same class as hackers and spammers.

    Why does it want a list of all my apps on my phone?

    The Govt. needs to bust up Google so that they are not able to hack you personal information and sell it, worldwide.

  11. I don’t use Ad Blocker. There are many other ways to lose those pesky adds. Try the *Aviator* browser! Edit your *Hosts* file. Get Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit. Use CCleaner to delete cookies and keep your HDD clean. I’ve been doing some or ALL of these for about five years and my two systems ROCK!!

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