Help Chrome Keeps Freezing In Windows 10!

Pearl’s got a problem with her Chrome browser.  “Since I installed Windows 10, Google Chrome keeps freezing and then says “not responding.” and I have to close everything and start again.

My first thought would be to clear the cache for your browser. Press the Ctrl + Shift + Delete key and the Clear Browsing Data window will open. Check cached images and files and then choose Clear Browsing Data.


But there have also been reported issues with a recent update to Chrome. If the cache clearing doesn’t help, try uninstalling Chrome and then downloading the previous version of Chrome.

When you follow the link, make sure to click the download button I’ve circled and not the other download links on the page for other products.


~ Cynthia

One thought on “Help Chrome Keeps Freezing In Windows 10!

  1. We have Windows 7 and had the same problem, so we just switched browsers, my wife uses Comodo and I use Opera since we are on the same account on her computer and so we don’t have to keep logging into different accounts and applications all the time.
    Also we can’t download Windows 10 to her computer, problems with 7 and she didn’t receive a copy of Windows when she first received the computer.

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