In The News 10-23-15

Google Maps Gets A Makeover

Google Maps on the web is getting a makeover to make it look more like the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet.


You’ll notice a smaller search bar as well as the typical three-line menu icon found in apps. Buttons are now larger and the look is a bit leaner. It’s all part of Google’s gigantic Material Design makeover which aims to make all Google products look alike no mater what device you view them on.

HP And SanDisk Team Up To Create New Type Of Storage

SanDisk and HP are teaming up on a new type of storage technology that they hope will be more than 1000 times faster that flash storage. Their goal is a universal storage that can function as both your RAM and your storage device.

micro sd

This technology won’t be available to the public for three or four more years, but it could radically alter PCs and super-speed their performances.

New Line Of Prosthetic Hands Lets Kids Be Their Movie Heroes

A new line of prosthetic hands hopes to make life a little easier for children who’ve lost a limb. The limbs, from Open Bionics have designs inspired by Iron Man, Star Wars, and Princess Elsa from Frozen.


The makers hope that by make these devices fun, children will be more interested in their physical therapy and be able to make some fun out of a difficult situation by enjoying their prosthetic devices.  The Walt Disney Company provided the normally expensive licenses to the company without charge to help benefit kids. The hands will be available in early 2016 and cost around $500.  Prostehetic arms typically start at several thousands dollars.

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