Gmail Spam – What’s Behind It?

Tony’s having an issue with his Gmail,  “Since upgrading to the Windows 10 OS, I have been getting a lot of SPAM in my Gmail. Some days I receive 60 to 100 spam messages. I wonder why this is occurring now when in the past with Windows 7 this was not an issue. Is there something in Gmail that I need to tweak?”

Tony, you don’t say if you’re using an e-mail client or accessing Gmail on the web. If you’re accessing via the web, Windows 10 didn’t make any changes to that interface, that’s entirely up to Gmail.  Your best bet is to mark these messages as “spam” and help Gmail learn what to block.


If you’re using an e-mail client, such as Outlook or the Windows 10 Mail app – you may need to up the security settings or adjust the spam filtering for that particular program.  If  you switched e-mail clients when you updated and this is when the problem started, that could be the cause.

It’s also possible that spammers got their hands on your address by getting into someone else’s contacts and you’re just seeing a rise due to that.

~ Cynthia

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