Trish has a question about photo editing software.  “Is there an item like this: iPod, iPad, tablet, etc that can have a photo edit CD inserted – such as Adobe’s Elements programs?  That uses editing programs be they CDs or downloaded?”

Trish, you won’t be able to download or access the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop Elements unless you buy a tablet that runs full Windows like the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Those devices are full PCs and can handle desktop programs. They won’t have slots for CDs, but you could download Photoshop Elements or sign up for the Creative Cloud subscription for full access to Photoshop and the other programs included in that subscription.


There are also many types of photo editing apps available for your iPad or Android tablet. These apps would also work on an iPod Touch and on your iPhone or Android phone. Since your phone is already a camera, being able to edit the photos you take right on the device where you take them is very convenient.

You can download Photoshop Express for free. This app allows you to do basics like cropping and rotating and basic touch-ups.


Photoshop Mix will let you cut out and combine images and make even more changes.


I also really like another great, free app called Snapseed.  It lets you make adjustments manually or use their included filters.


There are many more photo editing apps out there, and most of them are free. So check the app store for any mobile device you happen to own.

~ Cynthia