Fire TV Now Has Banner Ads

If you’re one of the many who purchased an Amazon Fire TV box or streaming stick, you may have noticed something different on your start-up screen:  ads for physical products from Amazon.


If you’re not familiar with Fire TV, these devices allow you to stream movies, music and TV shows from Amazon as well as use apps for Netflix, Hulu, Sling and many other streaming services.

The Fire TV stick runs $39.99 and plugs into the HDMI port on your TV while the streaming box runs $99.99. Both come with a remote. These devices work especially well if you happen to have an Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon Prime subscription run around $99 and offer access to thousands of movies and TV shows as well as to Amazon’s original programming.


There’s been a a banner ad on the start screen offering Amazon video products for some time now, but the company has recently switched to one offering specials on physical products that you can have delivered to your home. Those ads are interactive and you can choose to go to instantly purchase the advertised products.

This is similar to the way that Amazon’s ad-subsidized Kindle Fire with Special Features tablets work.

So far, reports say that the shopping experiment has been a success for Amazon. As services like Netflix raise prices to fund more original programming, incorporating ads into the mix may be a way for Amazon to help fund more original movies and series without having to raise the cost of the Fire TV devices or the price of an Amazon Prime subscription.

~ Cynthia

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