How Do I Move My Pics From Yahoo! Mail?

A reader is looking for a way to move the pictures from her Yahoo! e-mail account. “I am disabled in wheelchair and homebound. I have not accessed my Yahoo email for the past few months as it is always just spam mail but I do have lots of pics in there that I wish to keep. I once tried moving the pics but could not do so.”

My first piece of advice is to never leave photos sitting in e-mails. Always download any attachments you want to keep right when you look at them or pretty soon after. You don’t want to take the chance of them getting accidentally deleted. E-mail was never designed to work as long-term storage.

Now, you can’t just move your photos from a web mail client like you would between files on your computer. They aren’t on your PC, but  stored in the cloud on Yahoo!’s mail servers.

What you need to do is download them. Here’s how to handle that: Log on to you e-mail account at Yahoo! and find the messages with pictures you’d like to save.

If the download is attached, you can click the download arrow at the bottom of the message.


You’ll see the choice to save it to your PC or cloud storage. You’ll likely want to select “Save to my computer.”


A window will open offering the choice between opening or saving the file. Choose Save File.


You can then choose where you want the photos to go. Or they might go directly to your downloads folder.


If the image appears inline in your message, you can right-click it and choose “Save image as.”


Then select a file to save the image in.


It might take some time to save all of your images if you have a lot of them. That’s why it’s a good idea to save photos as they come in and not wait to download them all at once.

~ Cynthia

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