Move Over Siri – Microsoft Testing Cortanta For iOS

It looks like the iPhone’s digital assistant Siri is about to get a little competition. Microsoft posted a survey in a user forum looking for beta testers to try out a Cortana app for iOS.

Users were asked for their Apple ID, which iPhone they were using and whether they’re using iOS 8 or 9.

Microsoft also wanted to know how often potential participants use Cortana on their Windows 10 PCs.  Those who get approved will be notified in the next few weeks.


Microsoft is already running a test of the Cortana app for Android.

On Windows 10 or a Windows Phone, Cortana can do everything from opening programs to composing e-mails to keeping track of your appointments.


In the Android app, she can also send messages, place calls and update your calendar. But she’s not yet able to things like read your e-mails to track packages or give you updates on flights.


Only those running Cortana on Windows phones can use the Inner Circle function that only lets certain people contact you during certain time periods.

Those involved in the Android testing seem to like Cortana, but many aren’t sure if they’re ready to replace Google Now as their personal assistant on Android.

It remains to be seen how she’ll stack up against Siri. But, those who take full advantage of Cortana on their PC, will probably enjoy being able to use her on their phones. That’s one advantage Cortana has over Siri.  Siri is not yet available for Mac computers.

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