Where Are My Yahoo! Contacts?

A reader is having trouble finding her Yahoo Mail contacts. “I have just loaded Windows 10 and cannot find any of my contacts to FORWARD e-mails to. I have to go onto another laptop and find contacts there to forward information to. As windows 10 is on my main laptop I need to be able to fully use the system. I hope you can help as I want to continue using Yahoo Mail.”

Yahoo Mail

You don’t say if you’re accessing Yahoo with webmail or using an e-mail client. If you’re accessing it through a browser, installing Windows 10 wouldn’t change Yahoo!’s interface one bit.

If you were using an e-mail client like Outlook or Windows Live Mail, that program should still be available on your PC and shouldn’t have been affected by the upgrade.

Now, if you switched to the Windows 10 Mail app, you may have a problem. In Windows 10, you need to add contacts to the People App and the People app just doesn’t care for Yahoo. I’d consider downloading Windows Live Mail or you could create a Gmail account, have all your Yahoo! mail forwarded there and add the Gmail account to the People App.

~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Where Are My Yahoo! Contacts?

  1. Does windows 10 get along well with aol????

    I love my aol been with them since’95 no problems-
    so worried -about this transfer and saving of important
    programs and contacts and fav. places.
    Please respond.

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