Where Did My Photos Go?

Brian has a problem. “I have lost my pictures. They were in Pictures and duplicated in Live gallery. Trying to save space I put the pictures from the pictures program on a flash drive and downloaded  to Live gallery. Deleted all the doubles. Emptied the pictures program erased the flash drive emptied recycle bin. Not a single picture just the different folders. Can I get them back? Where are they?”


Unfortunately, they’re all gone Brian. The Gallery simply shows the images in your pictures folder. There weren’t any doubles and it wasn’t taking up any extra hard drive space. When you put the photos into the Gallery from the flash drive, you just enabled it to view photos on your flash drive when it was plugged in. Much in the same way adding music to a playlist allows you to listen to it in a certain order, but it doesn’t duplicate your music files.

When you emptied the pictures folder and erased the flash drive, you threw out all of pictures.

I certainly hope you had them all backed up somewhere else either on another drive or in the cloud. If not, maybe something like PhotoRec can help you.

Good luck!

~ Cynthia

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  1. You neglected to tell him that there are programs out there that will recover the majority of your photos and video. I have used Media Recover several times and have recovered 90% of my deleted photos. We had friends who lost all of their vacation pictures due to their grandchild playing with their camera … they used a media recovery program and recovered all but 5 photos on their camera card. Please do a little research next time to see if there are programs out there to assist people with problems like this.

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