Help! My Laptop Isn’t Ready For 10

Pete’s got a problem with his laptop. I have a Sony Laptop….In early October I downloaded windows 10 and loved it but my computer kept crashing  w/blue screens.
I contacted a tech and he advised me that Sony had notified all Vaio laptop owners not to download 10 till after October.  So. I removed it. Now I get notifications from Sony to go to their site and check to see if they now have the drivers necessary to allow me to have 10….but the sit does no list my laptop number even to be checked.  My Laptop is a VPCEB18FD.  This number is not included in any of their lists of laptops…..What can I do?”


Not a lot, Pete. Sony needs to make the appropriate drivers available for Windows 10 to run on that laptop or you could have a whole lot of problems.

You could contact Sony again to inquire if those drivers might be expected for your model sometime soon.  That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to upgrade sometime soon. Microsoft is making continual updates to Windows 10 to get it on as many PCs as possible.

~ Cynthia

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