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Karen’s trying to open up some old files. She wrties:  “I am an avid user of !! I have recently run into a BRICK wall , and, am wondering IF there might be a solution to my dilemma ? I was fortunate enough to uncover some of my 1995-2000 FLOPPY DISKS !! There are some very much LOVED photos and more –on each of them. The photo’s are fine I can open them -for viewing- —the OTHER items I downloaded on the disks over a decade ago –are my “dilemma” ! How do I VIEW the “.art” items ? Is there a NEW 2015 style program to use –to OPEN them ? I can put one of my “treasures” on here , for you to view ! That might be how you would be able to answer my “dilemma” ?

The .art extension was used by several art programs and also by AOL for images. It can be tricky to open these days. Probably the quickest thing to try is downloading AOL’s desktop software. It’s free at this link:

From what I can tell, it will still open .art files. I can’t test it out myself, since I don’t have any .art files. Once AOL Desktop has installed, click “File” in the upper right corner and choose “Open” from the drop-down menu.


You should be able to select your files to open.


You can then view the image in a photo viewer.


You may be able to click “Save” and save it as the more popular .jpeg file extension.


If not, you could try making the photo full-screen and the grabbing a screen shot to edit in a program like paint and eventually save as a .jpeg.


I hope this works for you!

~ Cynthia

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  1. Thanks much. I had searched for a decade for a manner of opening .art files, but miserably failed. Your instructions were “spot on” with a very minor need to adjust; I was only able to change to .bmp. Today, I gazed upon pictures I hadn’t seen in so long I had forgotten a few.

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