Linda has a question about Windows 10 that we’ve tackled before, but since we keep hearing it from lots of folks, I’ll answer it again. She writes: “When Win10 automatically upgrades, will I have to reinstall all my programs, reconnect to network, etc.?”


First of all, the Windows 10 upgrade shouldn’t happen automatically. You will need to give approval to start the process when it’s ready to go.

You shouldn’t need to reinstall any of your programs. Program, files, documents, photos, music and settings should not be affected.

You shouldn’t need to reconnect to your network either, since your settings are not affected. Notice I say “shouldn’t.”  I didn’t have any issues with the upgrade. Not so much as a desktop icon moved on my PC. My Internet connection was still fine. But some folks did have issues. So make sure you have all of your important files backed up before you start the upgrade.

~ Cynthia